Review : Karenjit Kaur the untold story of Sunny Leone

Before watching Karenjit Kaur, some thoughts were constantly echoing in my mind. Just when Sunny Leone was making her debut in Indian cinema post her stint in Bigg Boss, a meme got viral. The meme stated that we Indians are hypocrites; while we accept a porn star with open arms in Indian cinema, prostitutes, who were forced into flesh trade, are struggling to start their life afresh. I fail to understand who these people are, who create such content! There can be two sets of people in this situation, one who would accept both a porn star and a prostitute wanting to start their life afresh, and on the other hand, second set of people would have issues with both the situations.

I think when we talk of the second set of people, it is not their mistake either. They have been brought up in the strong clutches of logic less values which make them do that. They have always seen that happening, hence they behave in the same way. This is one thing that has been strongly addressed in Karenjit Kaur. It emphasizes on the fact that; every action is led by the situation an individual is facing in their life.

Karenjit Kaur, a middle-class Sikh girl was no different. Brought up in Canada, she was well versed with the idea of making her own living. She started working early on in her life. Belonging from a rather humble background, she did not bother her parents for as basic a thing as her dress for school dance. She did odd jobs to be able to buy her dream dress. This was an aftermath of her parent’s weak financial condition. Her parent’s condition financially, in fact was the reason why she chose to do modelling as a freelancer. Eventually, it led to modelling for an adult magazine, Penthouse, and the rest is history.

The online series beautifully encapsulates her story from being a regular middle-class girl to a popular porn star. It showed how her decision affected the people associated with her, how they all dealt with it together and emerged out of it stronger than ever before. It even states that Sunny Leone had many chances to change her life, but she chose not to. And, I think, we are nobody to judge her for that.


Karenjit Kaur: The untold story of Sunny Leone has its own highs and lows. The last episode in the first season particularly is an emotional roller coaster. However, having said that, the series was not immune to over acting at times. At one instance, you might also think that in spite, of the weak financial situation, Karenjit Kaur had a room so pretty (which most of us doesn’t have). But, it couldn’t have it all, right!

Being an individual who has always believed in the fact that a person’s action is a result of his situations, I loved this biographical series.

The series is streaming on Zee 5 and you can watch the first episode here.

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