Mission Impossible Fallout – As amazing as it could get

Mission Impossible Fallout is the sixth instalment of Tom Cruise’s much-loved Mission Impossible series. For a person like me, who’s not into action movies, giving this one a try was a big deal. Every time I watch a movie, I want to take something back and I believe in action movies, that’s one thing which is not possible. This was very much the case with Mission Impossible Fallout also, but having said that, I loved the movie (to my utter surprise).

With a carefully drafted plot, action packed performances and star cast that can make you believe in cars run by your smartphone, this one is indeed a must watch. Mission Impossible is everything you had expected and more with an ever-energetic Tom Cruise performing his stunts on his own at 56! Yes, you read that right, he is 56! Apart from Cruise playing Ethen Hunt, you will see the same old Simon Pegg playing Benji Dunn and Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell!

I think I liked it also because the same old save the world story had a twist here, where the hero cares about an individual’s life as much as he cares for a million lives. That’s essentially the fact that has been emphasized at both – the start and the end of the movie.


Mission Impossible is much more than just another action movie! While you can anticipate the ending with the bad man losing it to the hero, the twist and turns in the story would keep you on your toes. The power packed performances of star cast is another reason we’re going gaga over it.

Even if you don’t like action as a genre, you should give this movie a try and you won’t be disappointed. As far as the the people who love action movies are concerned, you don’t need us to tell how good this movie is.

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