How has hair straightening techniques worked for me

Artificial straightening has been a hair styling trend for a while now, and it doesn’t look like it’s dying anytime soon. Even as we see decent number of consumers acquainting with the very idea of getting their hair straightened, there remains apprehensions around the same because of the chemicals hair experts put to use! To add to that, there are various ways in which we can get it done which adds to the whole confusion.

Fret not and read along to know the different types of hair straightening techniques and then decide for yourself.

Straightening with a hair straightener         

Hair straighteners come to our rescue for last minute hair styling. While it’s great for straightening hair on the go, it is temporary and its effects last till hair-wash.

One should not resort to this method frequently for it can damage hair quality. If not used with precision, the technique can also burn hair permanently.


As the name suggests, Rebounding is a technique where hair stylist re-bonds or re-arranges the hair bonds and then uses chemicals while straightening the hair. It is a long-lasting hair-straightening technique, but is subject to the kind of products used in the process. Schwarzkopf and Loreal are two of the best brands to opt while going for Rebounding.

Personally, the technique has not really worked well for me and resulted in dryness and brittle hair. To curb this, I had treated my hair with hair spas every month apart from regular oil massages at home.

Straight Therapy

Straight Therapy is much like Rebounding. The only difference in Straight Therapy is the fact that experts use lesser chemicals than used in the former. Like Rebounding, this is also a long-lasting technique however, like Rebounding it doesn’t leave one’s hair frizzy and dry.

It is my preferred hair straightening technique.

My brand preference: Schwarzkopf


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