Girl in the City- Season 3

Girl in the City – Season 3

I cannot remember the last time I followed a show on Television. Yes, I still watch Television when I get back home from work, but there’s no particular show I follow. With Indian Television pushing repetitive nonsensical content from more than a decade now, this should not even come as a surprise. Most of us have instead turned to web series or foreign TV shows.

With so many choices at our disposal, today we long for content that is fresh; something that inspires us.  Sometimes I feel, Gen Y is so tired of cut-throat competition that they want a push in life. When they are not able to get that from their respective jobs, they search it in the very movies or shows they watch. This is primarily the reason why movies such as Lakshya and Rang De Basanti could form a unique connect with the youth of this country. No other movie till date has matched to the charm of those movies.

Similarly, when we talk of series, one series that actually mirrors our life is “Girl in the city”. The protagonist – Meera’s life is so messed up that each one of us can relate to her. Something or the other goes wrong in her life every time she tries her best, but that doesn’t stop her from giving her best. Every time she picks herself up and tries harder. Not to forget, she is like all of us, she whines and complains, but she doesn’t give up. For me, that’s my ultimate motivation; it helps me get back to work stronger than ever before.

Everybody who has watched Girl in the city would agree that the show had the capacity to make our Monday better. The good news is that after two immensely successful seasons, the show is back again since July 13, 2018 with its third season. The third season would revolve around Meera’s life post the exit from House of Areem. It would be certainly exciting to watch where her life would take her.

You can watch the 1st episode here.

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