Dhadak: To watch or not to watch

One of the most awaited movie of 2018, Dhadak has hit the silver screen yesterday, however, the motivation to watch the movie was rather low because of the disappointing trailer despite the presence of star kids – Jahnvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar.

Nevertheless, we gave it a shot and here’s the review.

As expected, the first half of the movie turned out as we anticipated- a typical masala Bollywood Flick. You can read the trailer review here.

Janhvi and Ishaan’s jodi lacked the sparked, their love story in the movie had no build up which is why the audience cannot connect to their desperation for each other. To add to that, truck loads of made up accent and average acting skills was enough to make us leave the movie hall in the interval itself.

But, we resisted and thank God we did for the second half was nothing like we expected.

Contrary to typical a Bollywood movie, it shows life after the “Happy Ending”. We don’t want to spoil the fun for you, so, no spoilers here. Not restricting itself, the movie goes beyond the rosy world Bollywood romance and shows the harsh realities of life.

Coming to the star cast, Janhvi Kapoor’s resemblance to her mother Late Sridevi Kapoor is striking. Needless to say, she is looking drop dead gorgeous, but, her acting is not something we can really boast about. Same is the case with Ishaan Khattar!


Dhadak is a one time watch. The first half is very disappointing, but the second half would definitely compensate for that. If you are looking for a movie with a well-thought story line, then this is perhaps not the movie for you. It is the same old story with a twist.

We would give Dhadak three out of five stars

To watch or not watch: One-time watch


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