6 best Momo joints in Delhi every foodie must try

Amongst the many things Delhi feels pride in, one is their lip smacking street food! And, Momos undoubtedly claims the throne out of them all. You can find vendors selling these delicious dumplings at almost every other street in Delhi, but not all of them have that magic in them that leaves you wanting for more.

That is exactly the reason we have curated a list of joints in Delhi that serves scrumptious Momos at affordable prices for you to explore.

1. Chimney Sizzlers

Situated in Yashwant Place Complex, Chanakyapuri, Chimney Sizzlers serves thin-skinned Momos that will literally melt in your mouth. One of the first joints that brought this street food to Delhi, Chimney Sizzlers has been successful in maintain its quality till date. Foodies from across the city swarm here for quick bites.

Our pick: Steamed Chicken Momos

Prices start from INR 130.

Location: Yashwant Place Complex, Chanakyapuri

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2. Street Hawkers

This is an unexplored gem located in Pitampura. We love it for its gravy Momos, a dish that is the hot new favorite of Delhites.  What started as Afghani Momos is now available in different and spicier varieties like Cocktail Afghani Momos which we always prefer whenever we are at Street Hawkers.

Our pick: Cocktail Afghani Chicken Momos

Prices start from INR 50

Location: Sainik Vihar, Pitampura

3. Dolma Aunty’s Momos

The ultimate destination for Momos lovers, Dolma Aunty’s Momos is a must try. While the menu is limited to Steamed Momos, it serves one of the best in Delhi NCR. It deserves a special shout out for their spicy schezwan sauce that we absolutely loved.

Our pick: Steamed Chicken Momos

Prices start from INR 50

Location: Central Market, Lajpat Nagar & Bungalow Road, Kamla Nagar

4. QD’s

Known for its Tandoori Momos, QD’s has been “the” happening place for students across the city for quite some while now. This is a must try for every foodie.

Our pick: QD’s Chicken Tandoori Momos

Prices start from INR 175

Location: Satya Niketan, GTB Nagar, Lajpat Nagar & Laxmi Nagar

5. Momo’s Point

Amongst the many cafes in hustling bustling North Campus, Momo’s Point has earned its own importance and rightly so. Apart from its Momos of course, we loved its schezwan sauce and could go there solely to have it again.

Our pick: Masala Chicken Momos

Prices start from INR 109

Location: Kamla Nagar

6. Variation Momos

As the name suggests, this place serves varieties of Momos. Literally a Vegetarian’s heaven, you will be amazed to know that it serves 106 difference varieties of Momos all of which are Veg.

Our pick: Steamed Paneer Momos

Prices start from INR 50

Location: Sector 6, Rohini


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